Key Metrics

Growth in Revenue Finance Investments

TIMIA’s portfolio of Revenue Finance investments has grown to $4.25M invested in 4 companies; QuickMobile, iCompass Technologies, Lambda Solutions, and Predictable Revenue.

Payments Received from Investee Companies

TIMIA  has collected payments, representing both interest and principal payments, from its four investee companies totalling $586,000 since August 2015, the inception of the current business model.  All investee companies are current in their payments.

These monthly cash payments received from TIMIA’s investee companies have grown to over $75,000 per month as of November, 2016, an annualized cash payment run rate of over $800,000.

Portfolio Performance

Revenue growth is a key performance indicator for our portfolio companies.

Our portfolio is performing in line with our expectations and has shown a 28% portfolio wide annualized revenue growth rate dating back to March, 2015 (normalized to 100 and including portfolio company results from both before and after TIMIA investment).

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